SHWC 2012 : Sunday Morning Session

It’s our final session!  Don’t forget, be sure to arrange some time eating out or a good meal to download and debrief with your student.  Hopefully these videos have given you a little peak into the direction of the weekend!  See you soon!


SHWC 2012 : Saturday Night Session

Next video goes up tomorrow morning! Thank you so much for joining with us in praying for Winterchill!

SHWC 2012 : Saturday Morning Session

Next video?  Glad you asked!  Check back after dinner tonight!

SHWC 2012 : Friday Night Session

Check back in the morning for the next update!

SHWC 2012 : Please Pray for Us

Check back later this evening for another update!

SHWC Names You Need to Know

SHWC starts today!  Here are a few names you need to be familiar with as the week goes on.  Be sure to check back right here Friday afternoon, Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, and Sunday morning to get video updates so you know how to be praying for our FSM group at Winterchill!  Be sure to click everyone’s picture to find out more about them!


Ed Newton

Dave Hassell

Tim Caldwell

Yours Truly

JHWC Sunday Morning

JHWC Saturday Night

JHWC Saturday Morning

JHWC Friday Night