Austin was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma.  For years, he attended LifeChurch.tv, back when it was Life Covenant Church, two locations, and Craig raced back and forth each Sunday.  Eventually, God led his family to Southaven/Olive Branch, Mississippi, and then Benton, AR.  He attended Ouachita Baptist University where he earned a degree in Biblical Studies.  He and his wife met while at Ouachita, and grew together as friends through ministry at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock.  Austin took the position of Student Pastor at Fellowship’s Cabot Campus early in 2011, and started in May of 2011.

Austin Walker is the Student Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Cabot, AR.   Austin used to blog here (and by “used to blog”, there’s like like four things).  If you’re looking for photos, check here.  Who knows if this blog will make it over 4 posts, but we’ll see.  Here is Austin’s Facebook, and his twitter account.

Although Austin is on staff at Fellowship Bible Church, the opinions expressed on this site are his own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Fellowship Bible Church or its staff.

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