iPhone Quote Background

Yesterday at Fellowship Cabot, we saw Mark Henry preach on Philippians, and he said something that really hit home for me.  He said, “If you were to go off to Oklahoma City or somewhere for a month, what kingdom work would go undone?”  I’m paraphrasing the quote, but that’s the general idea of it.  I think that’s an excellent “gut check” for any believer.  Are you serving?  Are you giving of yourself?  Are you so involved in serving that if you were to disappear, there would be a noticable void?

I decided to do a quick iPhone background for myself, so I can have a constant reminder.  I’m not the graphic designer.  That’s my wife.  She’s AMAZING at design!!  (Hint, hint. If you need freelance design or branding, that’s her bread and butter).  BUT, it’s good enough to be a daily reminder to serve, and I thought I’d share for anyone that wants it!


  1. Click the image to open it in a new window.
  2. Hold down on the image.
  3. Save Image
  4. Go to PHOTO’S app.
  5. Click the box with an arrow going out.
  6. “Set as Wallpaper”
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