Cabot Flyer Canvas

If you live in Cabot, you no doubt have noticed the posters, lawn signs, and hangers all throughout Cabot.  They advertise a community seminar on whether or not heaven is real!  These posters have definitely stirred my interest, and I thought I’d take a few minutes to share some observations on it!

But first, here’s a link to check out the flyer for yourself!

I’ll start with my hesitancies, and end with my pros!  Keep in mind, I tend to be more on the cynical side (maybe Ouachita did that to me?), and these are just thoughts.  I’m not saying I’m “for” or “against” the event.

Things that worry me:

  • A topic like this could be a huge hinderance on the church’s reputation in the community.  Obviously, it’s relying on the intrigue of the topic to draw a crowd, but it worries me that with a topic like heaven’s existence (and I can only assume “entry requirements” will be addressed as well) could be mishandled.  As a result, there could be a bad taste in the mouth of anyone wanting to “check out church.”
  • 3 nights of “What heaven is like” makes me lean a little to the idea that it could be drawing on more than just Scripture.  Again, a dangerous topic to do an outreach event on, and not base it primarily on Scripture.
  • The title of Mr. Hemphill’s book makes me a little nervous as well.
  • There’s no church or organization listed.  It seems obvious that whoever is behind this wanted to prevent anyone from feeling like it’s just another “church event”.  However, a lot can be said about the perspective a topic will be viewed from based on the denominational, religious, or even local church affiliation.  In addition, no church affiliation leaves no means of checking on details.
  • Speaking of checking on details, there’s a Facebook icon…but no link, no page name, no event title.  Just a button.  If I’m wanting more information about the event, I guess I just show up?
  • Childcare for which ages?
  • This is probably fairly petty, but any time I get a windshield flyer or something on my door, it seals the deal that I won’t be taking part.


  • It’s obviously an event that God can, and hopefully will use!
  • Whoever the uncontactable entity behind the event is, they’ve obviously invested a decent amount of man hours and budget to advertising the event.  Every house in my neighborhood had a flyer on their door.
  • Hopefully it will stir up people who are hesitant to church to grab their curiosity.
  • Hopefully the topic will be handled well and be exegetically and theologically accurate.
  • Whoever is behind the event has a great opportunity to follow up with unchurched attendees, assuming the methods and manpower are in place.




There are a few things I would have done differently, and I won’t be at any of the nights (partially due to schedule conflicts).  But, it’s an event I’ve put into my iCal.  I pray that God uses it to bring people from the community to get a taste of what the church should be like, and hopefully will bring unchurched people in and get them connected with believers.  I also pray that the topic is handled scripturally and with wisdom.

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