You Can Do It!

Warning: A hint of crude language.

SNL is known for, well, less than appropriate humor.  When I watched this clip, though, I was rolling.  The social commentary in this clip, in my opinion, is pretty accurate.  I’d be interested to see what Seth Godin says about the clip!

Craig Groeschel was the first guy who I ever considered “my pastor.”  I was young, he wouldn’t remember me (and probably not my family) since it’s been so long, but he definitely was used to set a course for my life.  He was the first preacher who taught in a relevant way.  A few years ago, I was listening through his podcasts, and he gave a stat….he said that the number one word the workforce uses for my generation as we apply for jobs is not “talented”, “eager”, “energetic”, “exciting”, “servant-hearted”, or any other word that I would want to be known for.  Craig said the number one word used for my generation of people applying for jobs is “ENTITLED.”  We don’t want to do our time.  We went to college, we got a masters, we have no experience, and now we want to take middle-management full force.  We see the lifestyles of our parents and don’t consider the fact that our parents worked for decades to get where they are.  As a result, we go out and get the cars, houses, and lifestyles of our parents, without the income or experience to support it.

I don’t have a huge exegesis on this clip, but the sketch does have me asking questions.  How literal is this mindset in the younger generation(s) today?  What is it that student pastors, parents, mentors, teachers, or any other adults can do?  How will this affect people as they leave college and look for a job?  Is Mike Rowe right, is the workforce that supports our country going to disappear because we’re raising a generation who says “black and white are the same color!”?  In our desire to build up a generation with confidence, have we stripped them of the desire, even the ability, to go out, kill their dinner, and bring it back home for their family?

Just some questions.

I’ll end with this.  It has literally nothing to do with the discussion, but it’s maybe my all-time favorite Saturday Night Live sketch.

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