New Series: LEGACY


I’m SO excited to kick off our semester of ECHO with a new series entitled LEGACY.  I’ve been saying it for weeks, but I’m convinced that this could be THE most life-changing series we do at FSM of all time.  Not to discredit what’ll happen the rest of FSM’s existence, but this is going to be HUGE.  Students are constantly being asked, “Who are you?  What’s your identity?  What do you do?”  Instead, I want to spend January focusing on the question, “Who are you becoming?”  We’re going to take a look at how actions, decisions, and impulses NOW alter who we become later.  During the series, we’ll have smores (tonight!), my sister Alyson as a guest speaker, a baptism, and a “creative” element that I believe could truly change the course of FSM!

Tonight, we’ll be back full force with worship and teaching, and we’ll end the night with some smores out in the parking lot.  I can’t wait to see everyone again and have some fun!  Be there.  Bring a friend.  Don’t worry about bringing your own ‘mallows.  We’ve got that taken care of.

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